Lowering taxi prices uppering efficasy

Lowering taxi transfer prices uppering efficasy

The airport taxi transfer service constantly works on finding a way to make its business more efficient in order to be able to offer lower prices of the passengers transfer.

In the following table price list the most common destinations are enlisted and that does not mean that all services of the airport taxi transfer are limited to them only.

Destination of taxi transfer on the route Novi Sad-airport.

Prices of taxi transfer Novi Sad - airport

Taxi transfer from Novi Sad Price / € Toll price included
Novi Sad - to airport by old road 40 No
Novi Sad - to airport by highway 40 Yes
Novi Sad - New Belgrade 45 Yes
Novi Sad - Belgrade 50 Yes

The fare of passengers taxi transfer is estimated by using several criteria: 45 dinars/1 km, waiting time is charged 400 dinars per an hour (the first waiting hour is not charged) Paying toll, vignettes, parking space,…

Airport taxi transfer service guarantees professional service at affordable price.

The prices of airport taxi transfer service are adjusted to your budget because we are here for you! the prices of airport taxi transfer service are changeable.

The possibility of account payment.

Airport taxi transfer service is not a PDV taxpayer and therefore the given prices are final.


Free estimation taxi transfer service

Free estimation taxi transfer service

Before the taxi transfer departs, before we make any  taxi arrangements, airport taxi transfer service is obliged to give the passengers the exact price from Novi Sad to airport.

Free estimation does not oblige you to hire us, but when you estimate that the taxi transfer price suits your budget and expectations and when you are convinced in our professionalism, just then we can make arrangements about further details on realization of our taxi service.

We offer the service free estimation of taxi transfer as you can be familiar with the exact price and so that we show we keep our word.

In that way you will be able to calculate the whole and the exact amount even before the start of taxi transfer.

Upon your request we will do a free and precise estimation of costs of the passenger transfer via taxicabs for your needs.

You will know the exact cost and there will not be any unpleasant or unexpected taxi fees.

Shared taxi transfer - cheaper taxi service

Shared taxi transfer - cheaper taxi service

The airport taxi transfer service offers the possibility of shared transfer in the same taxicab in the situations when two passengers or two groups of passengers are transferred at the same time from Novi Sad to Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport.

Shared taxi transfer is exclusively done with the agreement of both clients and the service of taxi transfer is cheaper for both clients on average of 20-25% of the regular price.


Escorting of the passengers at airport

Escorting of the taxi passengers at airport

When a taxi passenger wants to escort his family or friends at the airport and the taxi transfer of the same passenger at the starting address is free of charge.

The price of taxi transfer can possibly vary if a passenger requests different route.

The first waiting hour is not charged, and after that it is charged per hour.

Welcoming of the passengers at airport

Welcoming of the taxi passengers at airport

On your request, driver of taxi transfer service welcome you at the arrival terminal at the airport.

In these situations our driver holds a sign with your name or company’s name.

If you request taxi transfer service waits for you at the parking lot, right in front of the exit of terminal 2.

The parking space is chargeable and thus this service is paid additionally.


Useful tip: what do prices of airplane tickets depend on?

Useful tip: what do prices of airplane tickets depend on?

The price of an airplane ticket depends on the travelling class, but each class represents a new level of comfort.

Plane tickets for business class are the most expensive, but they provide richer meals, bigger weight limit, more comfortable seats, various entertainment, special check-in counters and special waiting rooms at some airports.

If you choose to book tickets for economy class, you will pay less, but you will have lower level of comfort when comparing to business class.

The price of airline tickets depends on several factors: booking date, destination, an airline Company, the season, vacant seats in the plane and time of travel.

The prices are usually showed without airport taxes and booking fees, unless it is specially emphasized in the offer.

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